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Who We Are

Range Mobility Inc is an Alberta-incorporated, Canadian owned and COR Certified company who specializes in the commercial and emergency fleet services industries. In 2007, co-founders Dave Hutchison and Gregg Stevenson decided that the industry had a requirement for expertise in the fleet upfitting industry, combined with the highest-quality, reliable installation services. As the Canadian economy continues to adapt and change, Range Mobility continues to grow and change with your fleet’s requirements. Over the last 3 years we have branched out our services to offer our expert installation services



What We Do

Although the Emergency Services have been a focus of our workflow since 2007, we are proud to offer all of our services across a much more diverse list of industries than ever before.  As the Canadian economy continues to adapt and change, Range Mobility continues to grow and change with your fleet’s requirements. Over the last 3 years we have branched out to offer our services from Consultation to Installation to De-Commissioning in the following industries:

  • Public Transit

    • Fixed Route systems
    • Passenger Counters
    • Fare Collection systems
    • Ranger hardware
  • Material Handling

    • Forklift mounts for tablets/scanners
    • Computer and Keyboard mounts
  • Transportation/Logistics

    • Electronic Log Device mounts
    • GPS’s
    • Computer docking stations
  • Skilled Trades

    • Vehicle toolboxes
    • Ladder Racks/Razerlift
    • Power Inverters
    • Off-road lighting
  • Emergency Services

    • Complete vehicle upfitting
    • Fire/EMS/Police/K-9/Bylaw/Peace Officer
    • Emergency light and sirens
    • Electrical diagnostic


Why Range Mobility?

Very simply, our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible while simultaneously delivering the most reliable products and installation in the industry. Our team of experienced personnel, whether it be in the office or the shop, wants to help you create the most appropriate solution for your project. Our commitments do not stop with our customers’ experience, over the last two years Range Mobility has invested a tremendous amount of time and effort to obtain our COR Certification which ensures that the Health and Safety of our employees, customers, vendors and contractors comes first.

Providing a safe, inclusive and candid workplace is an initiative we constantly pursue to ensure that everyone, from customer to employee is a valued part of the culture at Range Mobility.

Canadian ELD Mandate: Mounting Solutions

What is an ELD?

An ELD is a tamper-proof Electronic Log Device that is mounted inside the vehicle to record Hours of Service (HOS), which is used to improve the Health and Safety of operators and help streamline workflows.

When is the ELD Mandate effective?

The Canadian ELD mandate was officially published on June 13th 2019, stating that Canadian drivers must be ELD compliant by June 12, 2021

What is the Canada ELD Mandate?

Taken from the Government of Canada Website:

“Electronic logging devices are tamper-resistant devices that are integrated into commercial vehicle engines. They are intended to ensure that commercial drivers drive within their daily limit and accurately log their working hours. The devices track when and how long drivers have been at the wheel, and ensure they are complying with the Government of Canada’s Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations.”

What’s next?

Range Mobility is one of Canada’s largest resellers of Gamber-Johnson mounting equipment, who specializes in Rugged, Reliable and Responsive mounting solutions for a wide variety of devices. With the ELD requirements being mandatory by June of 2021, the time is now to start thinking about the process of becoming compliant with the new regulations.

Becoming ELD compliant is a financial investment and in order to protect that investment, your fleet deserves solutions to ergonomically and economically fit your operators’ requirements. With Rugged, lockable device cradles you can ensure your investment is protected, tamper-proof and always charged and ready to go!

Why Range Mobility?

Range Mobility is your first resource for mounting solutions in Canada. With our ability to provide solutions across the country or internationally, our team of experts will facilitate the entire process of transitioning to ELDs. From initial consultation to procurement, installation and servicing of the equipment, we have the expertise your fleet requires to stay compliant on the road.

Find out how we can help today!

2020 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Vehicle Build

This 2020 Chevrolet PPV Tahoe just left the shop to join it’s new fleet in Southern Alberta. This vehicle features a Whelen Engineering lighting platform, combined with a Gamber-Johnson centre console to keep everything nice and easy for the operators. Using the Whelen Engineering platform we are able to synchronize all of the lighting together to maximize this vehicle’s visibility while responding or parked, which in turn maximizes officer safety.

This build includes the following equipment:

  • Whelen HHS3206 controller with rotary knob
  • Whelen Ions in front grille
  • Whelen Ions in quarter panel windows
  • Whelen Ions in liftgate window
  • Whelen Vertex in headlight housing
  • Secure-Idle
  • Gamber-Johnson short universal sloped centre console (7170-0578-00)

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