Vulcan Fire Department Truck Build

We Recently completed a Silverado for the Vulcan Fire Department in Alberta. The build includes a complete Whelen Engineering lighting package with the following equipment:

  • Whelen DUO Inner edge – Red/White
  • Whelen red Ions in the front grille
  • Whelen red T-Ions under the tailgate on on the roof
  • Whelen red Vertex mounted in the tail light housing
  • HHS3200 handheld controller

Using the Whelen Command software, we were able to add more than 13 individual flash pattern profiles to the Inner Edge. These flash patterns will automatically change every 5 seconds to give a constantly changing visual impact on this vehicle. When operator safety is paramount, having variable flash patterns on a vehicle grabs motorists attention much faster than traditional flash patterns. The software and hardware in the Emergency Services industry is constantly evolving and soon Whelen Engineering will be releasing its new CenCom Core and WeCanX platform, which will allow us even more custom options to keep your fleet current and your operators safer.


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