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Range Mobility COR Certification


 What is the COR?

The COR (Certificate of Recognition) is a cumulative effort by the Government of Alberta (represented by the Partnership in Injury Reduction program) and accredited certifying partners to develop and maintain requirements of a voluntary health and safety program standard. The ultimate goal of the COR certification is to proactively reduce workplace injuries, and the costs associated with them.

How does this benefit Range Mobility?

  • We have created a health and safety management system that prioritizes the health and safety of our employees, at all times.
  • We strive to go above and beyond government regulated standards for health and safety and adhere to all legislated requirements as a minimum
  • We are constantly ensuring our health and safety practices are being improved upon

How did Range Mobility obtain a COR?

The process for obtaining our COR was very involved. Our team began with a gap analysis to identify our starting point. We then spent the better part of two years developing policies and procedures, training staff members appropriately, and implementing adequate hazard controls so we could meet the minimum standards of the audit process or exceed them where we were able to. Once we felt confident everything was in place, we hired an external auditor to complete our certifying audit. It took 4 days on site to review all documentation, conduct interviews with employees, and do a site tour of our facility. After the audit was conducted, a report was generated and sent off to our certifying partner (AASP) for review. On Mar 31, 2020 Range Mobility was notified that we had been granted our first COR and achieved a grade of 88%. We will need to complete an internal audit yearly, and an external audit every 3 years in order to keep our certification and ensure our management system is up to date.

Why is COR important to our customers?

  • Our health and safety practices ensure less loss time of employees, allowing for increased productivity
  • Our employees are provided with the most up to date training available, so jobs are completed quickly and efficiently
  • Customers visiting our site are given a health and safety orientation, and any PPE required to safely tour our facility