What is E-Ticketing?

E-ticketing is a combined system of software and hardware in an enforcement vehicle that allows the scanning of drivers licenses and printing of tickets. Typically combined with the existing computer or tablet, e-ticketing solutions can be supplemented to your existing hardware. This most commonly means the addition of a card scanner and printer.

How can Range Mobility help?

With experience and expertise consulting and installing E-Ticketing solutions, Range Mobility can assist with the transition to your fleet. We can help with everything from card scanners, printers, computer docks and design custom mounting solutions to ensure the ergonomics of the equipment fits your departments exact requirements. Ensuring an accurate and seamless transition is the expertise you can count on with Range Mobility, as we use our industry experience to make sure the job gets done right the first time.

What’s next?

Range Mobility is one of Canada’s largest resellers of Gamber-Johnson mounting equipment, who specializes in Rugged, Reliable and Responsive mounting solutions for a wide variety of devices. With the E-Ticketing requirements coming into effect, the time is now to start thinking about the process of becoming compliant with the new regulations.

Upgrading to an E-Ticketing solution is a financial investment and in order to protect that investment, your fleet deserves solutions to ergonomically and economically fit your operators’ requirements. With Rugged equipment you can ensure your investment is protected and always reliable when you need it most.

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