Samsung DeX In-Vehicle Solution

Samsung DeX In-Vehicle Solutions

If you have ever wondered what the future of in-vehicle computing looks like, it’s already here. The days of carrying around heavy and expensive computers and tablets might be coming to a close and the Samsung  DeX In-Vehicle platform does it all with just one device. The DeX platform transforms your smartphone into a single, powerful and efficient in-vehicle computer, allowing you the flexibility and productivity of a Samsung smartphone regardless of your environment – all at a lower cost. Imagine the ease of taking your work from your pocket, into your vehicle, or onto your desk with one small device.

Have a look at what DeX is doing in the industry HERE

The reality is that Samsung DeX is here to serve your company and employees, and Range Mobility can provide custom mounting solutions for the entire project. From consulting, to procurement, to installation, using Gamber-Johnson’s newest lineup of Samsung DeX mounting solutions we have you covered from your Desk to the Streets with a wide variety of mounting options – Check out the full lineup here

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