Fire Department Response Vehicle

Fire Department Response Vehicle

We recently completed a Full-Build for a Fire Department Response Vehicle, including emergency lighting and centre console package on this brand new 2020 GMC Sierra. This is one of the first of the new body styles GM has released for the 2020 lineup and it offers some excellent new options for light placement. This specific customer needed a solution that would not only maximize the amount of emergency and scene lighting, but be able to synchronize it and use it in the most efficient way for alerting motorists and maximizing the safety of the Fire Department employees.

This truck features a 360 degree Whelen Engineering lighting package controlled by their CenCom Sapphire platform. This truck has an unprecedented FOUR Whelen Tracers attached to it to increase side visibility for blocking roads, and increase the overall scene lighting for those low-light recovery situations. The synchronized traffic advisor function included in the Tracers allows for excellent visibility while blocking a road or a large area and as far as we have seen, has never been done before!

The centre console was provided by Precision Mounting Technologies to accommodate the electronics, radios, lighting controller and docking station. Manufactured right here in Calgary, PMT is an industry leader in providing rugged mounting solutions for almost any kind of fleet you can imagine.

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